Good Bye

Created on Thursday, 26 May 2011 Written by Arlette

I'm leaving Bolivia - two and half weeks has been enough to realise the idea is not going to work here... maybe in a few years though.. never say never.

I am in La Paz and will be very blunt... I have no love for the place. The view is striking as you arrive into the city but then you are just greeted with chaos. I do not feel a great energy here... voila personal opinion. If you come to La Paz... I stayed in an ok hostal on Calle Linares... got to be careful at night.

Sucre is beautiful and I made some good friends, I'll miss my 7pm dinner with Marcia and Nick.. both have oodles of charisma.. ennjoyed the chats... I wonder when or if they will throw a wobbly like I did at the weekend! At the weekend I realised my idea will not work here... or shall I say I just thought enough... I'll move on to sunnier climes.

So off I now go to Peru... yay!!!!!!!!!!! Two more flights and I get to my destination. What will happen here, I do not know, yet I have complete faith in myself that everything will come good. It is all a journey.


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