Created on Saturday, 20 August 2011 Written by Arlette

I do LOVE Liberty.

Today, I went to the British Open Call - Talent. It was a really good experience. Very positive feedback.

I got there at 6.20am, 8th in line... the 6-7 in front brought their entourage.. classic.

I was fortunate enough to meet some lovely energetic people.. so 3.5 hours standing whizzed by.

Second person in to see the Womenswear buyers. 3 minutes is little time.

The last few weeks have been crazy - wonderful. I'm open to so many opportunities and just loving what is happening. This week on three consecutive days, I had calls for jobs back in finance. They love my CV. Hey, well I like my CV too. CV is radically changing.

Hedge Fund Girl to Fashion Designer - trials and tribulations of Miss Arlette Lee. It is hard work and I'm enjoying it.

I've been invited to donate one of my Ruanas to the Katie Piper Foundatiion Charity Ball hosted by Simon Cowell along with the luxe brands, Asprey, Chopard, Melissa Obadash, Jemma Kidd.

Hard work, passion pays off and this is only the start.

Quality supercedes quantity in my book, it always has.

Let go of any negativity and just open you eyes to what is around.

Today, I bounced back home and en route bumped into a girl I knew 13 years ago! Turns out she is running network forums for female entrepeneurs.. Excellent... for the brave among us who get out of the rut and follow their dream, take a leap of faith, have a radical career change.. there are loads of people with fascinating stories to share so what better way then through meet ups.

Love your life.

xx Arlette

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