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Created on Tuesday, 10 July 2012 Written by Arlette

Over the last few years, I think my religious side is coming back. Well I believe in something.

After years of sunday mass and making excuses not to go, there is something to be said to having some kind of faith - for me anyway. I absolutely believe there is someone looking out for me. I'm interested in Buddhism, yet do have a love for beautiful things so craving and aversion are somethings I'm working on. Look, touch but don't buy as I don't need any of it. Well some things will come in handy
Where ever I am in the world, I am drawn to the churches and will go and say some prayers. Brazil and the churches are simply stunning. Absolutely beautiful. I took so many pictures, yet the images are better in my head. Some shared Rio.

Metropolitan Cathedral Rio de Janiero
Striking, huge.. rather ugly in comparison to the more elaborate churches.. yet there is some hidden beauty. the stained glass in vivid colors, extend over the walls in the four cardinal points, allowing the sunlight is projected in different colors, depending on time of day, creating a mystical atmosphere.

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Monte Carmo da Antiga Sé – Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

'The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, apart from being of exceptional historical value for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, has one of the most harmonious interior decorations among the churches in the city. The walls, chapels and ceiling are covered with ornate Rococo (late Baroque) woodwork showing lightness and unity in style. The contrast between white and gold gives an elegant touch to the decor.'

São Bento Monastery

The rule of St. Benedict provides a moderate path between individual zeal and formulaic institutionalism. In Brazil this order started in Salvador before arriving to Rio de Janeiro just a few decades after the founding of the city.

The São Bento Monastery in Rio de Janeiro is gem not to be missed.
Founded in 1590. Monastery was started being built in 1617 and construction of the church started in 1633.
Address: Rua Dom Gerardo, 68. Centro, Rio de Janeiro.

This takes me on to the last part of the journey.... from churches to craft..

Eyes open all the time.

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