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Created on Wednesday, 11 July 2012 Written by Arlette

Brazil = Happiness. Life, Love, Colour, Music, Arts and Crafts.

When in Brazil, it would be rude not to have a window shop.

Flip flop heaven. All I saw was Haviana shops galore. Personally, I prefer Ipanema's - the ones Giselle designed.

Granado - Perfumery, smelly bits and pieces.. one to check out - reviewed in Rio.

Gems in Rio. Brazil is the largest exporter of semi precious stones such as Emerald, Topaz, Aquamarine. Love blue stones. Amsterdam Sauer, H. Stern are the most reputable jewellers there.

Salavador - some cute art shops and the famous craft market.
Mercardo Modelo.
I was on a mission to find a big hat. I found my rather large hat. so big I'll knock people out with it and keep my ghost like face white. The hat was misplaced a few times but it made it's way home safely.

Precious Stones
I was also on the look out for amethyst rock. I found a small compact one I was attracted to but opted for one in the old square instead which ended up weighing 8kg.. so from Brazil to London - the rock made it home. (picture by the pool below) ha Arlette and her energy stone. The rock has been cleansed with salt water and put out in the full moon. Now the vibe feels clear and there is an excellent frequency. I'm not suprised people thought I was slightly bonkers in the airport.. trying to get through with a big rock.

Travelling is wonderful.

It provides rest, inspiration, motivation and time to connect the mind, body and soul.

Atelier - sign I liked.
Beach - the moment I saw the hat I liked.. then I was on a hat mission
Church and Convent of Saint Francis Salvador - (AMAZING... if you go to Salvador and miss visiting this Church you are mad)
Coconut water time - no seats
Mercardo Modelo
Pelhourino area - restaurants, shops
Amethyst rock - good for energy, meditation, healer

Time to focus now on my next task.. working on designs for Winter 2013.
Brazil provided inspiration and motivation. I am on fire!

Miss the coffee and cake already.. hmm the orange lemon sponge cake, acaia juice and superb coffee.

Love life xxx

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