Sophie in Monaco wearing the SnugaLee

Created on Sunday, 03 February 2013 Written by Arlette

IMG 6820 Sophie in Monaco fr blog

We were delighted to read the posting by Monaco's premier fashion blogger, Sophie in Monaco, shown below.

Sophie in Monaco is a talented writer, model, presenter and luxury yacht broker.

'It’s officially the weekend! So I opened my little package you were all wondering about and it is even more precious than expected. Aptly named the SnugaLee (cute right?), the SnugaLee designed by Arlette Lee is an infinity scarf made from baby Alpaca wool from Peru (Alpaca’s are not harmed during this process, think of it just like wool shorn from a sheep!). The material is finer than cashmere, hypoallergenic and is lighter, warmer and stronger than wool.

My SnugaLee is in the colour stone and has this gorgeous woven detailing and “braid” like appearance, there are several ways to wear it, as a scarf, shawl to cover your shoulders and even a hood! I love its casual yet classic appearance and it really can be worn with anything.

IMG 6919 Sophie in Monaco - Copy flr blog

IMG 6951 Sophie in Monaco copy blog

Isn’t she lovely, I honestly cannot stop caressing my new Alpaca baby it is so warm and luxuriously soft too…I took it with me to have coffee at the Palace, this artistic life-size frame is so perfect for photos with stunning views over Monaco and Italy as backgrounds…


Images courtesy of Sophie in Monaco

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