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I headed off to Lima for International Fashion Week in April and ended up spending over a week in Lima.  Lima pleasantly suprised.  This was my first time spending time here.  In the past, like for most, it is a destination for a one night stop over before travellers head off and explore wonderful majestic Peru.  

However, this time around, I made sure I explored and will share what I did here.   


Arawi Hotel
Calle Colon 223, Miraflores, Lima 18, Peru Tel 511 446 7676

Arawi 08 Lobby



Habitacion Deluxe individual 3

Habitacion Deluxe, Double room

This boutique hotel opened in October 2012 and I secured an excellent rate through  It is located a fifteen minute walk from Larcomar Shopping Mall.  The stylish rooms all have free wi-fi and plasma TVs.  Excellent air conditioned rooms.  
Fantastic beds and linen.  The staff are all incredibly helpful.

I do love a good bathroom, these bathrooms are fantastic and the toilettries 'El Jardin del Zen - Energia' are wonderful.  You can always tell a place by the bathroom.    I also love the bedtime chocolates.   Small things in life!


El Jarden del Zen

Rest noche Arawi Hotel


Perfect place to stay for a work trip.


BayView Hotel
Calle Las Dallias No 276, Miraflores, Lima, Peru - Tel 511 242 - 1953

2013-04-15 BAYVIEW HOTEL

I booked here for my first few days as recommended by PromPeru.  This authentic hotel is a stones throw from the Larcomar and if you feel in need of your Starbucks coffee, you can pop to the Sheraton for this or stroll to the shopping mall with it's plethora of places to eat and drink.

The rooms are good and the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly.  I loved the feeling of this area as I felt very safe.  At the time, they are working on extensions to the hotel.  Needless to say, I would recommend staying here.  Breakfasts are basic, yet good.  

Superb location, safe and perfect if you are travelling solo.  



Larcomar Mall
The Larcomar is a shopping centre in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru owned by Chilean company Paque Arauco S.A. I tis located on Avenida Jose Larco and it is along the cliff next to the Pacific ocean.

Plaza Gourmet, Larcomar

2013-04-18 MANGOs Latte

Coffee made with love:)  Cortado is fab here!

I felt at home in Mangos, every time the food was excellent with wonderful views of the ocean from the terrace.

2013-04-13 MANGOs - Salmon Tartare

Salmon Tartare for breakfast, delicious

The ambience in Mangos is excellent with the best views of the Pacific.  Sit back, eat, drink and enjoy the views.  Sunset drinks are very popular here.  I will be going back!


La Vaca Loca
Avenida Malecon de la Reserva 610 Local 208 - 209, Larcomar - Miraflores, Lima

2013-04-13 LA Vica Loca

Lomo Saltado

When not in fantastic Buenos Aires, Argentina, the next best thing is to eat in La Vica Loca in Lima.  Meat action after a lot of fish.

I ordered the Lomo Saltado, marinated strips of beef tenderloin sauteed with chilli, onions and tomatoes, topped with homemade fries and egg.  Quite the combination.  Needless to say, I was absolutely stuffed afterwards.  Worth a visit.  Perfect with Malbec.

Restaurante Huaca Pucllana 
General Borgono cdra. 8, Huaca Puccllana - Miraflores

Huaca Pucllana is a great adobe and clay pyramid located in the Miraflores district, built from seven staggered platforms.  It takes its name from the Quecha word "pucclay", meaning "game", which in its entirety can be traslated as a "place for ritual games."  It serves as an important cermeonial and administrative centre.

The beautiful and serene restaurant has stuning views of the 1,500 year old pyramid which is secluded in the midst of Lima.    We ate lunch here and it was simply wonderful.

2013-04-16 Huaca Ceviche

 Classic ceviche of tiradito of sole, marinated in lemon and chilli, served with corn and sweet potatoes


Cabrito (lamb) with tacu tacu (beans, mixed with rice and eggs)

 2013-04-16 Illama on own

My friend Illama.  Not only do you have a fantastic meal in a wonderful setting, you get to see Illamas.  She went in to kiss me.  
I freaked out when I saw her teeth. Quirky and cute.


Maido by Mitsuharu
Calle San Martin 399 , Esq Calle Colon, Lima, 18 Miraflores

This restaurant is conveniently located opposite Arawi Hotel
2013 - 12 April Maido By Mitsuharu Tsumura 2

 Dish - I do not have the foggiest what this dish was.  It was a Peruvian/Fusion dish.

Pretty presentation, honestly not my cup of tea.  Service excellent and worth a visit with a group of friends.  
 My friend thought this dish was very odd.  We stuck with sushi rolls afterwards.

2013-04-12 Maido By Mitsuharu Tsumura


Eating is a favourite past time in Lima.  Some absolutely fantastic restaurants, many more to experience on future trips.
Please share any recommendations you may have for future trips I make.  Thank you!



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