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Created on Saturday, 08 March 2014 Written by Arlette

Do you love timeless classics which you can add your edge to? You travel often and like to compact pack? You shop for investment pieces rather than throw away fashion? 

You may have seen all over the catwalk shows this month, the blanket from Burberry worn as the new outerwear.  The blanket is a cuddle of a trend, cosy, easy and a warm alternative to big coats.

At Arlette Lee, we designed a modern Ruana, a style of Andean cape to wear all year round.  A Ruana is more than a blanket, throw.  The cut of the Ruana  is shaped to hang perfectly on all bodies with a one size fits most.  The beauty of the design is the simplicity and silky softness.  You wear it how you feel and make it your own.  Belt it up, throw it loosely over the shoulder, wear as a large chunky scarf, a coat, a layering piece over a vest top, an evening shawl...

The Ruana is lighter and warmer than a traditional merino wool blanket like those seen from Burberry.  Why? They are made from baby alpaca which is a superior quality fibre to wool and it doesn't wrinkle so you can take this anywhere with you and know you willl look good.

DSC 9377 AZ1654 Sodalite

See pictures of how you wear your Ruana here WIYW

Shop your RUANA now, 'see it, like it, buy it' - limited in numbers as every Ruana is handmade by an artisan in Peru.  Once it is gone, it is gone.


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