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Created on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Written by Arlette

What to wear? Travel in effortless style.

SnugaLee VTH -AL

One versatile piece of knitwear, whether it be the SnugaLee or Ruana will look after you in the rain and sunshine.  Either intricately handmade garment will keep you cool and warm.

How is this possible? Alpaca.  Baby alpaca, a natural fibre is sheared from the alpacas in Peru. We work with alpaca from Peru as it is the best.  We don't settle for second best in life.  Quality is key. No alpacas are harmed.  Working with alpaca is ethical, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  To top it all off, we create one of a kind garments of exceptional quality that you will not see on the masses.  Limited production.  See it, like it, buy it.

City Ruana AL


Arlette Lee was shortlisted for the Pitch to Sir Richard Branson and will be showcasing at an event to Vogue, ASOS, industry bloggers in June.  

 "Whenever I'm in London, I simply never take the SnugaLee/Ruana off because, of course, I couldn't just settle for one colour, I had to have them both! If that's not testimony enough of their value, then I eagerly invite you take a look for yourselves, and I wager any stylista worth her cashmere socks will be won over once the alpaca garland lands elegantly on to her shoulders!" Vanessa Threapleton-Horrocks

 "My Ruana is extremely elegant, functional and warm. One of the best pieces of clothing I have ever bought." Michelle Darracott

"It is a wonderful statement piece which can be worn over anything and always looks cool elegant and timeless. Every fashionista needs one!! I adore mine" Sheila Conlon

""It has an off duty Supermodel feel. Trendy but so elegant. It’s Grace Kelly meets Miranda Kerr" Allthingsstylish.com

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