Autumn Style

Created on Sunday, 08 October 2017 Written by Arlette

Wrap yourself up in sumptuous baby alpaca this autumn, super soft against your skin, hypoallergenic and water resistant.  Really?
On Dragons Den, alpaca breeders were saying how the fur is water repellant and this is what happened:
"Peter Jones picked up on the fact that Tracy had said the yarn was water repellent and questioned her about it. To check what she said, he proceeded to chuck a full glass of water over the Icon Dress which was displayed on the mannequin.
Peter: It’s soaking
Tracy: Brush it off
Peter: (brushes water droplets off) Oh, not that I didn’t believe you or anything!"

All garments sold carry the International Alpaca Association authenticity ticket certifying the quality and grade of  alpaca. 

Enter 'Feelgood' at the checkout in the shop for your saving.

Enjoy the autumn and wrap up with style

x Arlette

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